A look back with 22image

With the new season starting soon, it makes one dream of the past seasons and need to share some beautiful moments from the past. As photographers in Montreal we feel honored to be chosen by our customers. 22image would like to share with you some beautiful pictures.22image.com22image.com22image.com22image.com





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Thank you to all our clients of 2013

22image would like to thank all our clients of 2013. You have allowed us to create wonderful memories. A year in which we were able to excel and achieve unforgettable moment all captured in photos. We wish you all a very Happy New Year. Thank you for trusting us, but especially for giving us the privilege of being your photographers.EJ-Blog008EJ010EJ001Soph010Cinz004Angi000310001PlaneRez0002

Elizabeth and Jonathan 2013

Our most sincere congratulations go to Elizabeth and Jonathan. 22image had the distinct pleasure of capturing every beautiful moment this couple had on their wedding day. Elizabeth and Jonathan were absolutely amazing to work with. You could feel all the love these two share. Family and friends were touched by the union of these two lovers. Another great love story has begun. Please enjoy a few memorable photos of Elizabeth and Jonathan.EJ001EJ001-2EJ002EJ003EJ005EJ006EJ007EJ008EJ009EJ010EJ011

Elizabeth and Jonathan 2013

22image had a great weekend taking photos with Elizabeth and Jonathan. Our engaged couple shared some amazing moments with us. Using their plane for back ground was exciting. 22image.com could not have asked for a better day. The weather cooperated, Elizabeth and Jonathan were just fun to be with. If two people were ever meant to be ..well these two are really it. 22image would like to thank both Elizabeth and Jonathan for trusting us with the taking of these photos.PlaneRez0001PlaneRez0002

Cinzia and Pietro 2013

Our sincere congratulations to Cinzia and Pietro. 22image was honored to be able to capture this amazing day. This couple left us with many good memories. 22image’s work seemed effortless due to this great couple. From beginning to end we enjoyed them. Family and friends came in great numbers to see this couple exchange their vows. As a photographer working in the Montreal area now for many years, I am always greatful for special days like these. Cinzia and Pietro 22image will remember your day for many years to come.Cinz004Cinz003Cinz002Cinz001Cinz005

Sophia Biondi and Andrew Roussis 2013

22image was honored to be chosen by Sophia Biondi and Andrew Roussis. One could not have asked for a more perfect day! The warmth of the sun’s rays played on the colors all around us. Creating a soft and romantic ambiance. The natural lighting was perfect! As a wedding photographer we dream of these ideal conditions. The bride left us smiling and the groom gave us a good sense of the love he has for his beloved Sophia. 22image was surrounded by two amazingly nice families and the atmosphere of their shared joy added to the party! An emotional wedding that touched us deeply.Soph006Soph005Soph004Soph003Soph002Soph001