Victoria and Angelo 2014

It was a special day that went on like a dream, illuminated by the permanent smile of Victoria and the Zen attitude of Angelo. The perfect couple!
Pure happiness! 22image would like to thank this wonderful couple. 22image leaves you with some pictures of the happy day .Once again a big thank you to Victoria and Angelo for all those beautiful moments filled with emotions.

They said YES!!!!

There are some marriages that 22image would like to relive, for a variety of reasons: either for the kindness of the newlyweds, their attention to details, their patience, and generosity, their fun bridal party. I think Christine and Sylvain wedding is one of those. Thank you for leaving us with such beautiful memories. Here are some pictures!

Andrée-Anne and Sébastien 2014

22image could easily write a whole post and fill a whole album with images of Andrée-Anne’s smile and the sheer joy she showed in every moment of her wedding day. Sébastien’s admiration and sweet words towards Andrée-Anne could melt anyone’s heart over and over again. It was a complete joy from beginning to end to photograph their day and 22image is delighted to share the photographs with all of you today.