Precious moments

22image is still thinking about their complicity, their couple photos which gave us the impression of a moment frozen in time. A suspended moment in which they let us enter with great generosity. Their wedding was fantastic, a great day of sharing, joy, laughter, tender looks of emotions. We would have extended our time with them.

So many emotions

So many emotions, laughter and a very festive atmosphere for this beautiful wedding, a huge thank you to this fantastic couple for their friendly welcome and good humor! 22image was delighted to be present for this memorable moment.

Special memories

This wedding will remain a special memory in my life as a photographer. Primarily for the outstanding hospitality that was extended to me and also the simple pleasure of discovering this charming couple. 22image invites you to discover this love story.

Long live the newlyweds

Their complicity, their tenderness, their laughter, their looks and their simplicity. 22image just simply enjoyed being with them! Congratulations and long live the newlyweds. 22image would like to share a small preview of photos! And once again we would like to thank this wonderful couple for choosing 22image.